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Do Massage Guns Help With Post Workout Stress?

If you're like most people, working out can be pretty stressful. Between worrying about form, time limits, and whether or not you're pushing yourself hard enough, it's no wonder that many of us feel tense and sore after a workout. A massage gun may be the answer to your post-workout woes.

They are battery-operated devices that use percussive therapy to help relieve stress and tension. Proponents claim that massage guns can also improve muscle recovery time, circulation, and mobility.

According to some experts, exercising can also improve mood, reduce stress levels and lead to a better night’s sleep. But do they really work? Let's take a closer look at the evidence to find out. This blog post explores whether massage guns help with post-workout stress or not.

Research-Based Evidence

We are all aware of the working mechanism of these muscle vibration guns. To dive deeper into the pieces of evidence, let's explore some research proofs that support the claims:

Muscular Recovery

The massage gun is a simple and effective tool that can be used for many different purposes. For example, it's often helpful to relieve sore muscles after working out or during busy days at work with no time to relax properly before going back into activity again.

There's plenty of evidence by BMJ Open Sport Exerc Med and the National Library of Medicine supporting massage therapy for muscle recovery. Still, it turns out that vibration may be just as effective. This is an impressive finding considering how much we know about the benefits of massages. Massage guns seem to reduce the type of soreness that sets in 24-48 hours after exercise, which can help you get back on your feet faster and be more comfortable.

These muscle vibration guns are a great way to provide yourself with regular self-care, but like any other tool, it won't work if you don’t use them regularly. For the best results and long-lasting relief, keep your massage gun in an accessible place, so it’s easy to cool down during exercise.

Athletic Performance

The massage gun will prime your muscles for exercise by increasing blood flow to targeted areas, providing you with an increase in oxygen and nutrients. This helps reduce soreness during intense training sessions, so that muscle fibers have time to heal without being subjected to strain or stress from vigorous activity such as running sprints on the track.

Multiple studies from Journal of Physical Therapy Science, claim that Massage guns are not only great for improving your mood, they may also reduce the amount of muscular fatigue you feel during workouts. Per percussive therapy reduces actual muscle exhaustion and athletes love this new form of relaxation.

Before heading towards the training session, athletes must ensure that all muscles are ready. Massage guns can help with this by applying vibration therapy before exercise and potentially reducing microtear volume in muscles; due to the use of these devices near-term rather than post workout, research suggests it does after heavy workouts when compared against no vibration treatment at all.


The use of massage guns to treat fibromyalgia is an effective method for relieving pain and improving movement. Fibromyalgia causes widespread muscle tightness and stiffness or soreness in various joints; it can also cause fatigue/headaches, among other ailments that affect your daily life quality.

The massage gun for cellulite works through the soft tissue by breaking up adhesions caused by injury-relative events such as inappropriate force upon muscles, often leading them to become stuck at awkward positions making movement difficult. Some people with fibromyalgia find that deep oscillation massages help relieve their symptoms.

One study found this type of massage therapy to be well-tolerated and effective at improving the quality of life in those diagnosed with the condition. However, there isn't enough evidence for massage guns specifically yet because their new technology rather than an established treatment option like regular rubs or lotions can sometimes feel better depending on your needs.


Those who suffer from sciatica may also find relief by using the best affordable massage gun. The device works by gently exfoliating away any inflammation on your lower back, which is where this nerve enters into muscle tissue near one's legs and feet before continuing up towards one hip/stomach area as well other parts farther forward along their spine. It usually works without discomfort unless pinched nerves occur due to scarring or tightness in those areas.

The evidence for deep tissue massages as a sciatica pain treatment is limited, but many people have found that they helped. Anecdotal experiences and personal observations may be more reliable than research studies because you can feel relief from your symptoms using this type of massage technique- even if there's no scientific proof.

If it helps relieve some aspects of back problems such as lower spine discomfort/pinched nerves, then go ahead with what feels best – but make sure the doctor's opinion first.

Comparison with Foam Rollers

You may have heard of foam rollers before- it's a type of massaging accessory that uses small, back and forth oscillations to shake out your fillings. The device will be placed on any solid surface, and you'll push one button for all-day relief. Both massaging guns and rollers are a part of vibration therapy. But how do we know that a massage gun has the upper hand over the latter?

Modern massage guns use various techniques to help the body relax and release tension. Some models go far to stimulate blood flow, like with a deeper stimulation than what was previously seen on early versions, which only vibrated muscles at their surface level.

Muscle Warm-up and Cool Down

Targeting the right muscles before activity can help you get those knots out of your leg. It's essential to target a massager on specific areas to reduce any potential damage done by exercise and ensure that these tissues are prepared for whatever comes next.

Jumping jacks and other whole-body workouts might be an option if you want to target the massager's pressure points more precisely. But it also may work well just doing lunges, squats, or leg lifts while sitting down with your back supported against something like a wall, so there's less strain on joints during dynamic movements.

For some people, a build-up of lactic acid in their muscles is one reason why they experience pain after exercising or activity. If you're experiencing this type of discomfort and would like to try using the best buy massage gunas an effective remedy for reducing soreness by decreasing the ability of muscle fibers to hold onto the acid and by-products from training sessions.

Safety Is the Key

The main risk of using a massage gun is causing more damage to an existing injury. For instance, it would be best if you avoided treating areas with muscle tears or strains, as this could aggravate them even further.

Massage therapy can be a very beneficial treatment for many conditions, but it is essential to know the right way of doing so. It would help if you had an informed decision when deciding whether or not your body would respond well with this form of relaxation because the pain could stop you from achieving your fitness goals and even be a hassle in daily chores.

A good suggestion is being aware of how your body feels and thinks it will respond to the impact of a massage gun. A great rule-of-thumb is stopping treatment if you are experiencing pain, as this may indicate an issue with pressure or depth preference for one area, which could lead to injury.

Fitness freaks are supposed to perceive these vibration guns as a mini hammer that impacts soft tissue, causing blood flow in the area. Ensure that you apply gentle pressure to decrease tight muscles or soften scar-like adhesions for better mobility.

Final Takeaway

Massage guns are an affordable, convenient way to relieve muscle tension. They should be a supplemental treatment, not the primary one for chronic pain or injury. Using them after working out may help you recover faster and feel better by reducing inflammation in your muscles. While the research is still ongoing, massage guns can be of great help in recovering from injury or after strenuous workouts for both athletes and non-athletes alike.

They are also widely available at many sporting goods stores across America, making them accessible to more people than just professional athletes. So if you're looking for an alternative form of physical therapy that provides pain relief without needles or surgery, give these tools a try.

We hope this blog has helped answer any questions about whether massaging your muscles with a gun will help relieve stress on sore muscles following exercise.

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