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Research: Osteoporosis
vibration therapy for bone density

[Research] Vibration Therapy & Osteoporosis

GE DEXA Scanner
GE DEXA Scanner

Scientific research has been gaining momentum on using vibration therapy to treat osteoporosis. Bone mineral density (BMD) can be measured using an X-ray imaging method called DEXA scan, making quantitative results available for research trials.

Many clinical trials were conducted using vibration therapy to treat osteoporosis. Due to limited funding, the clinical trials were not adequately designed and implemented. Because of various trial designs, different test parameter selections, patient recruitment and retention issues, the clinical trials did not come out with consistent results.

Test parameters include vibration frequency, amplitude, exercise pose and session time, etc. Different seletion of paramenters can produce different results.

DEXA scan test result is reported using T-scores. If T-score is below -1.0, it indicates the bone density is lower than normal range, a sign of osteoporosis.

Positive results of bone density improvement related to vibration therapy are observed and approved in the clinical trials. For reliable results, adequately designed larger sample size and longer duration clinical trials are necessary.

Below is a selected list of literature review projects and clinical trials that represent the current research level on vibration therapy for treating osteoporosis.

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