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Research - Cerebral Palsy
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[Research] Vibration Therapy & Cerebral Palsy

Jay Research 02/04/2022

Through skeletal muscle's stretch reflex response, vibration stimulation can activate and exercise the neuromuscular system.

Cerebral palsy patients can improve their gross motor function, gait, mobility and muscle strength using vibration exercise.

Some small scale clinical trials were conducted to examine the benefit of vibration therapy on cerebral palsy patients. Because of various trial designs, different test parameter selections and patient criteria, patient recruitment and retention issues, the clinical trials come out mixed results.

Below is a selected list of literature review projects and clinical trials that represent the current research level on vibration therapy for treating cerebral palsy.

Vibration therapy in patients with cerebral palsy: a systematic review
06/18/2018, Ramona Ritzmann |
What We Know About Vibration Therapy for Cerebral Palsy
03/27/2020, Cait Parr, PT, DPT | Napa
Whole body vibration and cerebral palsy
09/12/2015, Sean A. Duquette |
The effect of side-alternating vibration therapy on mobility and health outcomes in young children with mild to moderate cerebral palsy: design and rationale for the randomized controlled study
11/05/2020, Alena Adaikina | BMC Pediatrics
Effect of whole-body vibration on muscle strength, spasticity, and motor performance in spastic diplegic cerebral palsy children
04/01/2014, Marwa M. Ibrahim | Science Direct