Vibration Exercise for Weight Loss?

Vibration Plate & Weight Loss

Vibration plates were first promoted as fat-shake machines about 10 years ago. Since the introduction of this "fat-shake" idea, vibration plates started to get into the mass market. Today, weight loss is still the most prominent marketing hype that sellers and manufacturers use.

If you search vibration plate on Amazon, you will find almost all sellers promote their vibration plates for weight loss. Most of them highlight weight loss on their product titles.

For internet search engines, "vibration plate" as a key phrase is closely associated with "weight loss".

Weight loss is highly demanded. Sellers flock to it.

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  • Do you want a great looking butt?

Scientific research & attitude

Very few scientific studies have been conducted to examine using vibration plate for weight loss. Literature reviews of limited data from some small scale research trials lead to inconsistent, but often contradictory results.

None of the current research trials on vibration plate applications is adequately designed and implemented, and therefore they often don't lead to any meaningful conclusion.

Scientists are much more interested in exploring using vibration plates for other health improvement applications, not for weight loss.

The marketing hype

Consumers, on the other hand, are more interested in using vibration plates for weight loss.

Vibration plate manufactures and sellers of course want to satisfy this desire. They created all kinds of marketing hypes to promote vibration plate for weight loss and have been successful with this strategy.

Many sellers promote their vibration plate for weight loss in a way like that you just stay relax on a vibration plate, and the machine can shake off your fat without you doing much exercise. Vibration training is advertised as an effortless, passive exercise. This is misleading.

You can't just shake it off in a swift manner!

As a vibration plate manufacturer, I don't promote vibration plate for weight loss. If the purpose is weight loss, I would like customers to use their limited fund to buy a cardio exercise equipment other than a vibration plate.

It is like if I sell dumbbells, I know for sure dumbbell exercise will help burn fat, but I don't promote it for fat reduction, because dumbbell's main purpose is for building strong muscles and bones, just like the purpose of vibration plates.

Vibration plate is mainly about healthy muscles, bones, nerves and improved circulation.

Does vibration plate help weight loss?

Physical exercises in general help weight control. Physical exercise on a vibration plate certainly will help too. It more likely will do better for the same type of exercise, because the rapidly repeated muscle contraction induced by vibration can make your exercise more effective and efficient.

However, vibration exercise usually is a light duty exercise, similar to a light duty muscle strength training, which does not consume a lot of energy. Its effectiveness for weight loss is limited.

Many vibration plate users reported weight loss. I guess that was more because they committed a serious physical exercise routine since they invested in vibration plates. They were motivated to use their vibration plate for ROI. They probably also made some other positive life-style change. As the result, they got weight loss.

Of course, a vigorous vibration plate exercise routine can help weight management effectively. The added vibration stimulation further advances the effectiveness. For example, performing X3 bar training on a linear vibration plate is a proving practice for effective body fat reduction. Most people performing X3 bar are more interested in increasing muscle size. Therefore, while burning their fat, they weight actually increases because of muscle increase.

Vibration stimulation and circulation improvement can boost your metabolism, allowing you to burn fat more effectively in your daily physical activities. Vibration may also help resting metabolic activities, which is also important for fat reduction.

Anyway, vibration plate's role for weight loss is secondary. If your goal is just to lose weight, you should buy other types of exercise equipment that are truly designed and well-approved effective for weight loss, such as treadmill, stationary bike or other type of cardio exercise equipment.

Think outside the box

Weight loss should not be considered as an isolated objective. If you maintain a balanced health, weight loss will be a result, or we should say weight management improvement.

Combining cardio exercise and strength training can help you achieve a balanced health.

I consider dumbbells as the best equipment for natural and healthy strength training. Our body structure and functionality are designed to overcome gravity, and dumbbell exercise is the best exercise to enhance your naturally designed structure and functionality.

A vertical vibration plate like model VT007 can also serve this role - helping you overcome the gravity, and more.

Do you want a great looking butt?

Since you are still here, allow me to do an advertisement here, not for weight loss, but close :-)

Try L-squat on a VT007 linear vibration plate. It will challenge your gluteal muscles, anterior thigh muscles and posterior thigh muscles.

You will get a nice feeling soreness on your hips after 3 minutes of L-squat training VT007.

Don't expect an effortless exercise to help you loss weight and build a great looking butt.

Give it a try, 90 day free return!

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