About VibrationCare

As an internet community, VibrationCare is about you, the explorers, practitioners and professionals that are passionate about vibration therapy, and are interested in learning more about its theories, benefits, applications, limitations and risks.

My name is Jay Tang. I current serve the role as the admin and moderator, facilitating content writers in editing and publishing.

You are welcome to join me and take the role as a writer, moderator, editor or columnist.

VibrationCare Blog
  • Dedicated to the promotion of awareness, learning and development of vibration therapy.
  • Specially designed for structured information exchange about vibration therapy topics.
  • Open, neutral, educational, non-commercial, and non-profit.
  • Safe, secure, fast, logical and reasonably simple.
Designed to focus on you!


Value Proposition
  • Vibration therapy is under-recognized, while considerable evidences have shown the effectiveness of vibration therapy in treating a wide range of medical conditions. It is non-drug, non-invasive, easy to use and low cost. It is a great value to promote its awareness its applications to the general public
  • There is a lack of trustable application information because scientific studies and clinical trials are behind in this area. On the other hand, there are abundant knowledge and experiences from countless vibration therapy users. However, most these information are scattered or not documented. It is a great value to collect these information and stored them in a structured content database for desired data query and analysis.
  • There is no other communication platform designed for vibration therapy topics for people that share the same interests to find each other and exchange knowledge and experiences. It is a great value to create such a communication platform with categorized topics specially designed for vibration therapy.

VibrationCare Blog is established to address these issues and to create values for the society.



Why VibrationCare Blog

VibrationCare is probably the only focused, neutral vibration therapy information exchange platform with the category and tag system designed solely for vibration therapy.

VibrationCare covers a wide range of the topics in the domain. It is neutral, not service or product specific. For patients, practitioners, medical professionals, researchers, this is your community for exploring, sharing, and discussing vibration therapy.


Website Attribute

VibrationCare differenciates from other internet media that publish vibration therapy related articles.

  • The website content structure and data retrieval system is designed only for vibration therapy related information. You the author and your target audience can reach each other more efficiently.
  • The categories and tags are well defined and cross-referenced for popular topics and a wide range of aspects of vibration therapy.
  • As the database grow, the category and tag function will allow patients to get the the most relevant information with just a few clicks on the category and tag names. The structured content will become valuable for scientific research.
  • The internal search function is very effective and return more relevant results because the entire website is focus on vibration therapy and is systematically categorized and tagged.
  • The categories, tags and their relevance works well with search engine (like Google) keywords. Your target audience at larger will be able to found you more easily using google and other major search engine.


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