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[Research] Vibration Therapy and Knee Health

Jay Tang Research 08/20/2021
The Whole Body Vibration Training for Total Knee arthroplasty-the Improvement of the Lower Limb
09/27/2019, Kaohsiung Medical University |
Therapeutic Effect of Whole Body Vibration on Chronic Knee Osteoarthritis
08/26/2013, Young Geun Park, MD |
Whole body vibration for knee osteoarthritis
January 2013, Cary Groner
Whole Body Vibration and Exercise in Knee Pain
07/24/2019, Universidad Miguel Hernandez de Elche |
Loading of the hip and knee joints during whole body vibration training
12/12/2018, Georg Bergmann | Plos One
Whole Body Vibration Training on Muscle Strength and Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Levels in Elderly Woman With Knee Osteoarthritis
06/25/2019, Adriano Prado Simão | Frontiers