vibration therapy for ACL injury

Vibration Therapy for ACL Injury

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I fixed my chronic ACL injury using my VT003F vibration plate.

I had repeated injuries on my knees during my time of middle school and college. Then for 30 years, I did not seem to have any issue on my knees, until I twisted my right knee again in 2016 while playing casual badminton. It was the same kind of pain at the same spot as I recalled my memory of 30 years ago.

After this accident, the same kind of injury happened again and started to happen more often. The recovery time of each injury took longer and longer.

Through diligent research, I was able to diagnose my knee injury as anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury. It started from the damage in middle school and never fully recovered. As my muscles became weak with the growting age, the previous ACL problem exposed, and developed to a chronic injury.

I tried various rehab exercises, but they did not seem to help too much and I lost the patience. I did not really follow a good rehab exercise routine because I traveled a lot.

In 2018, my right knee became more easily to get injured. I had to wear a knee brace all the time. The brace provided some support, but the main reason I used it was to remind me to be careful with my knee while I walk, especially when I turn the direction. Cutting lawn at my sloped backyard became a painful job.

Vibration Therapy for Knee ACL injury

Then I started vibration exercise on my VT003F vibration plate. I perform squat exercise on the vibration plate, 10 minutes a session, twice a day.

After just 3 days, I noticed the change. I felt I could move more freely and smoothly. I have developed a good habitual sensitivity on my knees for small changes in its functionality. This immediate improvement from a few day's use of VT003F really encouraged me to continue the vibration exercise.

As my recovery was in good progress, I started to hold a pair to dumbbells in my exercise to add more muscle contraction intensity. I also performed eccentric squat with my right leg. Eccentric exercise seems to be much more effective on a vibration plate.

I tried both linear vibration plate (VT003F) and pivotal oscillation plate. I felt 30Hz frequency on my VT003F being the best.

After about 6 months, I felt my kneed was back to normal, even stronger.

In May 2019, I did two major projects in my back yard – a 300 yard fence and a 12’x10’ paver patio, all by myself. My knee did not bother me at all.

Later in the year, as I thought my ACL problem was fixed, I became lazy with my vibration exercise routine. Plus, I travelled a lot. After a few months of interruption, my knee sensitivity reminded me that I needed go back to my daily vibration exercise routine. I guess that I only achieved marginal recovery on my ACL. I needed to keep the good work for a longer time to stabilize the improvement.

How does vibration exercise help ACL problem?

By doing vibration squat, I enhanced my muscles around the knee joint. Strong muscles provide better support to the knee joint and its functionality without stressing the ligaments.

Besides muscle enhancement, vibration exercise may help repair the damaged ligaments.

Damaged ligaments are difficult to repair. Repeated injuries on ligament cause the formation of fibrous tissue, which replace the living ligament tissues. Once formed, the fibrous tissues are difficult to reverse. It becomes chronic injury.  Excessive fibrous tissues compromise the  elasticity and strength of the ligaments.

Vibration exercise may provide a solution for ligament repair. The mechanical stimulation from vibration, at a certain magnitude, may break the fibrous tissues and allow the living ligament cells to grow back.

In my case, for sure I enhanced my knee muscles and responsiveness (nerve function) by doing vibration exercise. I think I also partially repaired the damaged ligament by breaking the fibrous tissues and allow living ligament tissue to grow back.

The repair of ligament is a slow incremental process. Vibration exercise has become my daily routine, probably forever. Fortunately, it is very easy to maintain such a routine, no sweat, actually quite enjoyable. I do 10 minutes squat and 10 minutes calf-raise on my VT003F every day.

Ligaments of Knee Joint
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