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Vibration Therapy and Athlete's Foot
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Vibration Therapy and Athlete's Foot

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Vibration therapy for athlete's foot? You probably think I am too obsessed about this vibration thing. Yes I am, because it works well for circulation improvement, which leads to many other benefits.

Improved foot circulation helps enhance your immune response and ability to fight fungus infection.

Foot circulation improvement may be a cure for athlete’s foot. My own experiment attested the effectiveness of using vibration therapy to improve foot circulation and possibly treat my athlete’s foot.

Tiptoe exercise on a linear vibration plate is revolutionary for foot circulation improvement.
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  • Foot exercise on vibration plate
  • How does tiptoe exercise on vibration plate improve foot circulation?
  • My athlete's foot story, and advice
  • No cold foot (bonus)
  • No fall (bonus)

Foot Exercise on Vibration Plate

After using vibration plate to exercise my leg muscles for over half a year, I found my right foot was free of athlete's foot symptoms.

I have had athlete’s foot for 25 years. I fight foot blisters every summer using all kinds of topical medicine, but the problem always comes back the next summer.

In the winter of 2018, I started to use VT003F vibration plate daily to exercise muscles around my knee joints. I fixed my right knee chronic ACL injury by doing vibration squat: Vibration Therapy for ACL Injury [story worth sharing]

In the summer of 2019, I noticed the blisters did not come back on my RIGHT foot. Into the winter, on the same foot, the scaling skin and ulcer that usually bug me every winter were also gone.

All these symptoms did not come back on my RIGHT foot in the following two years.

While I saw the athlete's foot of my right foot mysteriously disappeared for two years, my left foot still got blisters every summer. I started to wonder why the fungus in my left foot did not cross to my right foot?

What I could think of was that my right foot and left foot had different conditions, most likely because my right foot had better circulation. Better circulation helped me fight the fungus.

I had focused more on my right leg in my knee muscle training on vibration plate. That was why my right foot had better circulation, I believe.

Then, I decided to boost the circulation on both of my feet, using vibration.

In the fall of 2021, I started to add 10-minute calf raise exercise on my VT003F vibration plate.

Later I found that calf raise mainly worked my lower leg muscles, and tiptoe was a better exercise to work the muscles in the foot.

Tiptoe sounds like self-explanatory, but you may not do it the best way!

After a few months, into the winter, I saw a significant skin condition improvement on my left foot, much less scaling skin compared with previous years, and no ulcer.

The improvement must be the result of my vibration tiptoe exercise.

I expect, as I continue the exercise, I will not see blisters this coming summer, for both feet.

I eager to know. Will update!

How does tiptoe exercise on vibration plate improve circulation?

There is probably no better way to exercise foot muscles than performing tiptoe on a linear vibration plate.

When performing tiptoe exercise on a vibration plate, vibration stimulation induces rapidly repeated intensive contraction on foot muscles, effectively exercising the muscles, tendons and improving the circulation.

Skeletal muscle contraction is essential for maintaining a healthy peripheral blood circulation, microcirculation and lymphatic circulation. Vibration induced fast-pace skeletal muscle contraction makes this function more efficient and effective.

Tiptoe and calf raise exercise on a vibration plate utilizes vibration stimulation the most because the feet are directly press against the vibration plate.

Improved foot circulation helps enhance your immune response and ability to fight fungus infection. It may be the cure for athlete's foot.

My Athlete’s Foot Story


Then for 25 years, I have been fighting my athlete's foot.

Every summer, I have to use all kinds of anti-fungus medicine to control the growth of blisters on my feet.

The infection always come back the next summer. I travel a lot.  I have to bring a tube of anti-fungus cream with me anywhere I go.

In the winters, I always have scaling skin on my toes and heals. Often time I also get ulcers between the toes, which was painful.

Later, I realized that those scaling skin and ulcer problems in the winter were also associated with the same fungus infection.

Then I knew the fungus actually haunted me all year around.

I have developed all 4 variances of athlete’s foot symptoms:

  • Scaling skin in toes and the heels.
  • Hyperkeratosis (scales, thickened skin)
  • Vesiculobullous eruption (vesicles often developed on the sole)
  • Acute ulcerative (ulcers between the toes)

Two of my toenails also contracted the fungus. They become yellow and thick.

I tried all types of over-the-counter topical anti-fungus and herbs I could possibly found from Walgreen and the Internet. I also lived a strict foot hygiene habit. However, the infection always came back after I stopped the medicine.

It appeared to me that the only option left would be taking oral anti-fungus medicine for a long period of time.

However, I did not want to run some anti-fungus medicine in my entire body for a year just to probably treat the infection on my feet. (This is a wrong strategy...)

Now with vibration therapy, I seem to find a natural solution. For sure vibration tiptoe and calf raise exercises have already enhanced my foot circulation. So far, the scaling skin has been greatly reduced, and ulcer has not happened. I guess I will see the blisters not to come back in this summer, for both feet.

Hopefully I will also be able to get rid of my thick and yellow toenails.

Honest Advice

I have to advise anyone with stubborn athlete's foot to visit a podiatrist and probably get a prescription medicine. I should have done that myself years ago.

After my recent in-depth research (in order to write this article), I realized my mistake was that I did not even know what type of athlete's foot I had, and therefore not using the right medicine.

There are different types of infections.

Because my toenails are also infection, I probably got moccasin-type athlete's foot, which can be treated with prescribed oral medicine.

If this coming summer I will still have blisters on my left foot, I will certainly visit a podiatrist.


I would still suggest people with stubborn athlete's foot to consider using vibration therapy for circulation improvement. Combining this alternative medicine with prescription medicine may allow you to treat your athlete's foot more efficiently and effectively.

Knowledge of Athlete's Foot by Dr. Jordan R. Stewart


I have got other bonus from performing tiptoe and calf raise on my VT003F.

No Cold Foot

I no longer suffer from cold foot in the winter.

My wife does not allow me to set our home temperature above 67°F in the winter, for saving the money earth, obviously.

Less Fall

I only had one fall when walking our 95LB German shepherd.

My wife had two falls while walking the dog. For one of her falls we had to visit the Urgency Room (cost us 700 bucks). Luckily the injury was not very serious, but still took her many weeks to recover.

My wife did not perform vibration exercise. She thought she was young.

I walk the dog more often than she does.

Obviously people not performing vibration tiptoe have higher risk of fall than people performing vibration tiptoe.

Vibration tiptoe is probably the best exercise to train foot muscles. It is easy, efficient and effective.

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When we visited the Urgency Room, the doctor told us that 9 out of 10 visitors falled when walking their dogs (in winter).