Muscle Injury
chronic muscle injury

Vibration Therapy for Chronic Muscle Injury

The rapidly repeated intensive muscle contraction induced by vibration may offer a practical treatment for chronic muscle injuries. Due to its unique dynamic G-force, vibration intervention may break the scar tissues and restore the muscles in the place. Vibration therapy also improves circulation and influence physiological processes related to cell regeneration.

Due to our natural skeletal muscle's stretch reflex response, we can utilize vibration intervention to induce rapidly repeated skeletal muscle contractions, which effectively activate and exercise our neuromuscular system, improving its functionality and performance.

Through the enhancement of muscle strength, mobility and balance, we can alleviate some symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.

Recovering from chronic muscle injury is challenging because the scar tissues formed in the damaged muscle tissues are difficult to break down.

Vibration therapy may offer an efficient and effective method to break down the scar tissues and restore the original muscle tissues.

[Scar Tissue Breakdown] Due to the vibration's G-force and high frequency, at a certain magnitude, the dynamic force of rapidly repeated muscle contraction may progressively break down the fibrous scar tissue, physically and physiologically. Scar tissue breakdown brings the opportunity for new living muscle cells to grow back in the plate.

[Circulation Improvement] Through skeletal muscle pump effect, the rapidly repeated skeletal muscle contractions effectively improve the circulation and bring in the oxigen and nuitients needed for muscle growth.

[Celuilar Process] The dynamic mechanical stimuation produced by vibration G-force can effectively signal the production of growth hormore and influence stemcell differentiation for muscle cell regeneration.

With scar tissue gradually replaced by the original muscle tissue, our muscles restore their original quality and performance.

A new dimension

For chronic muscle injury, there is probably no better treatment method than physical therapy. By incorporating the unique vibration intervention through the use of a vibration plate, vibration therapy elevates the physical therapy to a new dimension.

Vibration therapy exercise holds promising potential for muscle restoration. While the process may require an extended period of time, the immediate relief of muscle stress resulting from vibration therapy could motivate users to persist in their efforts, aiming for consistent incremental improvement.

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