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Current Standpoint of Vibration Therapy

Current Standpoint of Vibration Therapy

Jay Research 08/20/2021

Whole body vibration therapy has been known for over a century. Not until recent years, has it become more recognized and practiced as vibration machines have become more affordable. Scientific studies on vibration modalities have also started to gain good momentum.

Experimental research has observed a considerable volume of positive results using whole body vibration (WBV) to treat various health conditions. MEDLINE, the biomedical literature database of US National Library of Medicine, has collected hundreds of research papers and citations on WBV, mostly published in the past few years. These literatures can be accessed via

Health benefits of WBV therapy have been proved in many clinical trials. However, there are still short of accurate and consistent results to adequately evaluate WBV’s efficacy, due to the difficulties in designing and implementing strict randomized controlled trials, and establishing quantitative measurement. Issues include insufficient sample size and randomization, inconsistent patient criteria, arbitrary measurements, and placebo effects, etc. Additionally, the multiple variables of vibration interventions, including motion pattern, frequency, amplitude, time, weight and posture, would require many more modality variations designed to cover the combinations of these variables, so as to possibly achieve meaningful conclusions.

Clinical trials for WBV are challenging, costly and time-consuming. On the other hand, there is a lack of financial incentive for large medical companies to invest in research and development of WBV modalities, because the method cannot be patented for the protection of return on investment. Most research trials on WBV are conducted by universities and research institutes with limited public funding. These experiments are in small scales, short-term, and only achieve incomplete conclusions. It will continue to be a challenge to scientifically prove and develop WBV applications.

Nevertheless, as whole body vibration machines have become more available and affordable, many more people are willing to give WBV a try when other medicines fail or not effective. Experiences from a vast number of users and practitioners provide a great alternative approach to study and learn about WBV therapy. Evidence of positive effects are compelling, many life changing stories.

Although referred to as an alternative medicine, WBV therapy may offer essential solutions for certain medical conditions with optimized results that may not be achieved through mainstream medicine. WBV therapy is non-drug, non-invasive and, in a controlled manner, safe to use.